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Fast is in the Past

White Jadon

White Jadon

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Beautiful white Jadon platform boots. These zip on and off really easily and are just a great go-to pair! They are in good used condition!

Two sizes available, please be sure to select the correct one:

USL 7/UK 5:

Women's US 7 (fits a size 7, 7.5, or smaller 8)

Men's US 6 (6-6.6-small 7)

UK 5 (5-5.5-small 6)

EUR 38 (38-38.5-small 39)


USL 8/UK 6:

Women's US 8 (8-8.5-smaller 9)

Men's US 7 (7-7.5-smaller 8)

UK 6 (6-6.5-smaller 7)

EUR 39 (39-40-smaller 41)

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