What are the benefits of buying secondhand?

  • Buying brand new can create textile waste and support unfriendly practices such as poor working conditions and animal cruelty. Secondhand purchases also prevent the item from ending up in a landfill!
  • It is less expensive than if you were to buy at retail price.
  • You are supporting a small business and slow fashion!

 Can you sell my Dr. Marten's for me?

  • Yes! Please read the 'Sell Your Docs' tab that can be found on the dropdown menu on the top right of your screen.

What is your shipping policy?

  • Important: If you are from outside of the US, you may be charged import fees when your package arrives! Please be aware of this before purchasing and know that you are responsible for covering these fees in the instance that they are charged. You can research fees on your own country through the UPS or USPS websites.
  • Packages are most often securely packaged in a polymailer/mailing bag. This does not damage the item at all. I use polymailers because they lower the shipping cost for you. American customers have the option to pay more for box shipping.
  • I typically ship within business days. Business days are Mon-Fri excluding holidays. I cannot control how long a package takes to arrive to you once it is shipped. The holiday season will cause major shipping delays.
  • Shipping rates are automatically calculated at checkout.
  • It is much more expensive to ship internationally and unfortunately I cannot control this, but because Dr. Marten's are often more expensive to buy outside of the US, hopefully this makes up the extra shipping cost!
  • Accessories such as socks or tights can be added to any order for no extra shipping cost. They can be ordered individually in the United States for a small shipping price.
  • All domestic packages include $100 shipping insurance if the package is lost or damaged.
  • The buyer is responsible for paying the additional shipping cost if a package is returned to me, and I still do not accept refunds in this instance. This is only if the buyer is at fault (usually if you enter your address incorrectly).

I can’t afford to purchase the shoes I want right now. Is there any way you can hold them?

  • I currently offer short-term holds and long-term payment plans, or you can check out with Shop Pay Installments.
  • To reserve a pair of shoes, you can either pay for them within a week with a hold or start a payment plan to pay them off over a longer period of time (more information below).
  • With a hold, you are required to pay a 20% deposit up front. You will then have a deadline of one week to pay the remainder of the amount you owe before receiving the shoes. If you do not pay the rest of this amount before this deadline, the shoes will be put back up for sale and you will not be refunded. To reserve a pair of shoes this way, email me with the template I have below.
  • If a pair of shoes sells before I am able to respond to your email, your request will be voided because I unfortunately have to prioritize customers that are able to pay immediately.

What is a Payment Plan?

  • A Payment Plan allows you to pay for your order in 2-4 separate installments. You have up to two months to pay this off.
  • Anyone is eligible for this if their total order (before shipping) is at least $150.
  • There is a 5% fee to compensate for time I reserve and store the shoes for you. This extra amount is calculated by the cost of the item before shipping (the shipping price does not increase the fee you pay).
  • The shoes will ship up to 7 business days after you pay the entire amount.
  • You will be expected to make your payments on time, but I will give you reminders and am flexible if an emergency comes up.
  • If you do not complete your payments within the two-month time frame, you will receive a final warning before I have to cancel your order (in this instance you will not be refunded and the shoes will go back up for sale).
  • You can pay off the rest of the money you owe at any time before your deadline to receive the shoes quicker.
  • The initial payment is required to reserve the shoes for you. 

How can I sign up for a Payment Plan/Hold?

Email contact@fastisinthepast.com with the following information:


  • Subject of the email should say either "Payment Plan" or "Hold" as well as the name of the pair you would like to reserve
  • Your name, Instagram username, and country you live in
  • If you would rather pay in 2 or 4 installments and how long you will take to be able to pay the full amount (maximum of two months) OR if you are only wanting to do a hold please specify that.
  • A statement that certifies that you have read through the FAQ on my website and are okay with my policies.
  • I will email you back with the links to pay for each installment.

What factors go in to your pricing?

  • The rarity of a pair is the main factor that goes into pricing. Shoes that can be currently found on the Dr. Marten's website are priced according to their condition and retail price (they will always cost less than the retail price). Discontinued and rare shoes are usually priced higher. This is based on how much they have sold for on other platforms.
  • Consignment sales are usually priced higher. Most brand new pairs are consignments.
  • I spend a lot of time cleaning, photographing, editing, and managing sales, and have to pay for expenses such as shipping materials and gas.

How can I get a better chance at snagging a rare pair?

  • Turn on your post and story notifications! This is the best way to get a pair you've been after.
  • You can also join my 'Early Access' Close Friends story. This is where I post many pairs early, before they are publicly listed. More information on this can be found on the home page of my website.
  • I post previews on my story before listing. Sometimes I only post shoes to my story and they sell before they are on my feed.
  • Be ready to purchase around 7:00 PM CST because this is when I most often post.

What is your returns policy?

  • I do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges ever.
  • If you need help figuring out what size to get, please contact me before purchasing! I don't want you to accidentally order a pair that is not your size.
  • If you place an order and decide you wish to cancel it, you have 12 hours to do so and will be charged a 15% fee. This fee accounts for the credit card fees that I am charged that cannot be refunded, as well as time the shoes were unavailable when another buyer could have purchased. To cancel an order, you must email me within the strict 12-hour timeframe.
  • If there is an issue with your order (such as a flaw that was not mentioned or pictured), please reach out to me within 48 hours of delivery.

    Additional Information:

    • For inquiries about your order, urgent messages, help with sizing, or consignment, email me.
    • Any shoes I have available are on the New Arrivals section of my website. If you use an outdated link (or other means) to purchase a pair that is not in this section, your order will be cancelled because they are no longer available.