Sell Your Docs

Do you have an old pair of Docs lying around? Instead of letting them collect dust, why not give them a new home and make a little cash in the process? Read below to learn about my consignment service.

What are consignments?

This is where you can send me your Docs to sell on my page for you! The benefit of doing this is that I have thousands of fellow Dr. Marten's lovers on my page, which means you are guaranteed a ton of exposure for your shoes. 

How it works

Start by sending me an email with the template below. I will let you know if I would like to help you sell your shoes and how much I would sell them for. Then you will ship them to me. You are in charge of paying for shipping, however if you have a printer then I can create a discounted label for you and you can pay me for it. 

Once I receive your shoes, I will take care of cleaning, photographing, and listing them. Once they sell we both earn 50% of the profits after any fees are subtracted. Then I will pay you with your payment method of choice!

Email Template:

My email is Please make the subject of the email "Consignment: (Name of shoes)". Here is what you should include in your email:

- Name and Instagram username

- Brief statement that you confirm you have read through all of the rules on this page

- Short description of the Docs you have including their condition and any flaws, what size they are, and any other relevant information

- Pictures that clearly show the shoes, any flaws, and the size tag (which will usually be found on the tongue)

- If you prefer to ship them yourself by going to the post office or UPS and buying a label from them, or if you have a printer and would like to pay me for a discounted label. In this case, if I decide to help you sell your Docs, I would ask for the weight/dimensions of the package. Then, I would email you the label and you would print it off, tape it to the package, and drop it off at the post office or UPS.

Additional Info

Commissions are mainly open to the US, unless you are willing to pay shipping from another country (which can be expensive). Once I receive your shoes, it can take up to a week for me to finish cleaning and post them. The forms of payment I use are Venmo and PayPal.