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Purple & Blue Molly

Purple & Blue Molly

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These are definitely a statement piece! I purchased s pair of White Glitter Molly's that were very dirty, so I cleaned them up and dyed one shoe purple. I then lost the dye, so I decided to dye the other shoe blue. I added pink ribbon laces because I think it adds to the uniqueness of them!

These have flaws that are shown in the photos, including missing dye, dye on and around the stitching/laces/eyelets, and less glitter on the purple shoe. Look at the photos closely. Please be sure you are okay with the condition of these shoes before purchasing. Whoever gets these will have a one of a kind piece ;)

If you are a half size (that ends with .5), I would recommend sizing down.

US Women's: 6

US Men's: 5

UK: 4

EUR: 37

By purchasing, you confirm you understand that your order will not be cancelled, refunded, or returned in any way. Please be sure you accept this pair, its flaws, and the possibility of further damage before ordering.

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